We are Simplon!

The first UFO of a new generation of not-only-for-profit start-up using digital technologies as a lever for global inclusion. Our number one priority is to implement a long-term model with a strong social impact.

Today, we are changing scale to prove that the rising tide lifting us, even going beyond us, is finally at its peak.

Our core activity? To train for free, in a short and intensive way, young dropouts and underprivileged people to learn web programming and computer science.

In just three years, starting from scratch, Simplon.co has become a key player in what we call ‘inclusive digital technologies’, being at the same time :

  • A partner for French Public Authorities, for territories, for leaders in employment and social inclusion, for startup companies and for key accounts with whom our Simplonians learn and grow…
  • A committed activist within the French Tech and with the players of Social Good : in order to defend and protect digital technologies in favor of social inclusion, insertion, innovation and social diversity and parity.
  • A voice on the theoretical level, standing beside the French Digital National Council, publishing about democratization of web development learning (‘Read, write, count, code’), taking part in many conferences to speak loudly in favor of inclusive digital technologies and their powers.

In order to do that, we had to innovate legally, economically, pedagogically, use all possible levers – including political and media coverage – and this Herculean task has also lead to taking forward some causes, some players, shake things up and accelerate political decisions.

Yes, the time is ripe, and it is now that we need to call up all the actors involved to maximize our impact. This impact is the only thing we are concerned about, the only lens through which we look and foresee the purpose of our action.

And to impact truly, we have had to grow too fast, creating 38 jobs, acting all over the place and sometimes giving the impression to do ‘too much’ or ‘too many things’. But the results are here, right in front of us:

  • 300 people trained, 80% of whom have found a job or have created their own, during the 3 months following the end of their training and 500 coming soon with our 11 school opened and soon over 30 all over the country (popular suburbs, rurality, French Overseas Departments and Territories) and also in Romania, Africa (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco)
  • Almost a hundred thousand youngsters initiated into coding in 18 countries during the Africa Code Week, and five thousands in France with the European Code Week and Hour of Code.
  • Dozens of apps created by Simplon Prod and by our Simplonians
  • Simplonline, our e-learning platform and its thousands of subscribers

Pretty significant, huh?

And tomorrow, we will keep:

  • Furthering a flexible and customizable expansion model, territory after territory, creating local job opportunities and adjusting our training to each and every configuration.
  • Setting up in Clichy sous Bois, Trappes, Sarcelles, in Marseille northern areas, in Villeurbanne, Lunel, Roubaix, but also in the middle of our countryside, in the French Overseas departments and territories with qualifying training sessions, with an economic model that is difficult to find but which principle of free schooling is vital and non-negotiable
  • Reaching out more and more recipients of basic social benefits : refugees with SINGA, detained and under justice people, migrants, single mothers, homeless…
  • Fighting to defend the cause of women in technical jobs in the digital industry
  • Setting up actions necessarily turned toward general interest thanks to our Simplon Foundation, recognized as serving the public good.

And we are not going to stop here, we will keep going forward and build a true ‘Digital + Social Innovation Unicorn’ to get the largest and most sustainable impact on our stakeholders.

The horizon of Simplon.co is not only about focusing on professional training or insertion, not even on the dream of a socially responsible IT consulting and production agency that would push forward digital transformation or the impact of the players in social innovation, nor on the digital education to shake the social ladder : it is actually all of that and much more…

Willing to be part of the adventure?
To become an actor of the inclusive digital economy?

Please support us through the Epic Foundation of which we are members (chosen between thousands social innovation projects throughout the world), or directly through the Simplon Foundation.

For more information, drop us a line on: fred@simplon.co